LG 9 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHT1409SWL, Stainless Steel)

This product has been discontinued and a replacement model is available.
Replacement Model : LG FHT1409ZWL

Key features

  • Combat allergens with the power of Steam
  • Fast & Clean Wash with TurboWash
  • OPTIMAL WASH for fabrics with 6 Motion DD
  • SmartThinQ with Wi-Fi
  • Capacity-9.0 kg

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Product has been discontinued for sale. Instead, try an alternative similar product.

LG FHT1409ZWL – 9 kg Front Loading Washing Machine – Fully Automatic (Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Inverter DirectDrive)

Time to wash every clothing accessory with extreme prejudice now with the LG FHT1409SWL 9.0 kg Washing Machine This front load washing machine combines efficient washing technology with convenient usage to make it an ideal option for your home use. The various washing programs ensure your garments are washed according to their needs and are bereft of any dirt or residue in the end. The washing machine allows you to wash your clothes with warm and cold water easily according to your needs. To optimize the washing performance, not only operational buttons are there on the body but it also comes with a smart remote control with wifi capabilities. The efficient features backed by a durable and sturdy design makes it an ideal laundry cleaning option for you.

Silent And Turbo Cleaning Unlocked

The Optimal wash for fabrics with 6 motion DD being the 6 Motion DD technology provides optimized motion combinations for each fabric type. So it delivers powerful washing performance with less damage to save a lot of energy that could lead to huge bills at the end of every month. The technology also uses hot water to thoroughly remove the detergent residue and bacteria formed inside the wash drum, increasing the life of the machine and giving you a perfect washing experience and keeping the tub squeaky clean for further usage. The Inverter Direct Drive Motor that powers our washing machines are super reliable and really quiet.

Anti Bacterial Cleaning Done Right

Enjoy the best possible laundry experience at home without having to spend too much time and energy on it as the LG FHT1409SWL 9.0 kg Washing Machine with its efficient performance and cutting-edge technology makes sure you put in minimum effort. The allergy care feature reduces allergens up to 99.9% with its steam capabilities from clothes and sterilises bacteria. The TurboWash technology trims the time of a regular wash program down to 59 minutes, reducing water and energy usage. It sprays water directly onto fabrics for approximately 120 seconds, making the already impressive rinse cycles even more efficient than ever before.

Convenient Usage

LG Smart ThinQ with Wi-Fi makes laundry much more convenient. Smart Remote Control enables you to do your laundry anytime, anywhere. With Download Cycle, download up to 20 additional wash programs. Smart Diagnosis helps you quickly troubleshoot almost any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

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Kg Capacity

9.0-9.9 kgs

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