O’General 1.2 Ton 3 Star – ASGG 14 CLCA – Inverter Split AC

  • 1.2 Ton, 4 Star, Split Ac
  • Approximate Coverage Area – 150 Sq. Ft (13.94 Sq. M)
  • IDU Dimension – 79 x 25 x 29 cms
  • Hyper Tropical DC Twin Rotary Compressor
  • Copper Condenser
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Product has been discontinued for sale.

Energy efficient and innovative cooling is guaranteed with the power performing O’General ASGG14CLCA Inverter Air Conditioner that comes with innovative cooling technologies that not only provide amazing cooling but also make sure that you do not end up paying huge bills at the end of every month. The air conditioner with a 1.2-ton capacity cools a large area efficiently so that your senses are cooled to satisfaction. The air conditioner comes packed with a wide range of features to make sure that the temperatures in your room are kept in check at all times including the rigorous summer afternoons. The air conditioner comes with a high capacity compressor which ensures powerful operation at high ambient temperature. The air conditioner is also very easy to use and is extremely low on noise during operation making it the perfect option for your cooling needs.

Energy Efficient Cooling

You are sure to enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere indoor as the O’General ASGG14CLCA Inverter Air Conditioner with its cooling capacity of 1.2 ton cools a large area efficiently. The Economy mode limits power consumption without affecting performance. The feature comes in handy when the air conditioner is in operation with other appliance at the same time. The Powerful mode ensures the room temperatures drop at a very quick time to give you instant cooling when you need it. Human sensor catches movements of people in a room and operates with lower capacity when people leave the room and automatically returns to the previous setting when people come back making it very energy efficient in its operation.

Convenient Features

Apart from being a power performing cooling option, the O’General ASGG14CLCA Inverter Air Conditioner also ensures minimum inconvenience during its operation. The air conditioner comes with a 15-meter air throw distance that ensures your room is cooled far and wide while its ability to remove moisture also ensures a pleasant atmosphere at home. The air conditioner is also very low on noise during its operation while the two cylinder rotary system achieves immense levels of energy efficiency making this four-stars rated air conditioner a perfect option for you.

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