Samsung DW60M6043FS Free Standing 13 Place Settings Dishwasher (Silver)



About Samsung DW60M6043FS Free Standing 13 Place Settings Dishwasher


  • Hygienic rinsing with IntensiveWash™
  • Tripe Rinse function, 3-level wash arms, Stainless steel tub
  • Auto Release™ Drying, 13 Place setting, Fingerprint resistant finish
  • Height adjustment, 44dB Whisper-quiet operations
Samsung DW60M6043FS Free Standing 13 Place Settings Dishwasher (Silver) 58,990.00 48,990.00

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Samsung DW60M6043FS Free Standing 13 Place Settings Dishwasher (Silver)

IntensiveWashTM (70°C)* with Triple Rinse

Three separate rinse cycles effectively remove every stain from heavily soiled dishes. An extra hot water rinse cylce ensures sparkling, hygienically clean dishes.

Removes oily greasy food stains

Intensive Wash™ 70°C

Get heavily soiled pots and pans really clean. The Intensive Wash™ program is designed to remove grease, leftover oil, burnt stains and baked on food from cookware, dishes and utensils. It washes 10℃ higher than an ECO program* and has an extra rinse cycle to get everything sparkling clean!

Shows a dishwasher full of cookware, plates and cups that have been cleaned at 70˚C to remove grease, oil and baked on food.

* Based on internal testing compared to a Samsung dishwasher using the ECO program.

Auto opens to dry

AutoRelease™ Drying

Get sparkling clean dishes every time with the AutoRelease™ Drying feature. When the rinse and dry process is complete, the door automatically opens 10cm to allow steam to escape. It gives you faster and better drying results than conventional methods, especially for plastic and small items.

Shows steam escaping after the door opens automatically when a cycle ends, so that everything dries quickly and effectively.

Hygienically cleans


Rinse hygienically to eliminate bacteria. With certain programs*, a Hygiene option extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70˚C** for deeper cleaning. When used with the Intensive program it kills 99.999% of bacteria**. So dishes, cutlery and utensils are safe to use.

* Not available with the Auto program.* Based on testing by Intertek, an international testing and certificationcompany, by testing samples of applicable models to a defined test protocol.Bacteria: Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritidis and Listeria monocytogenesTest mode : ECO + Hygiene course

Shows a rack full of plates that have 99.999% less bacteria, based on testing by Intertek.

Cleaner, durable tub

Stainless Tub

Keep your dishwasher looking like new. The Stainless Steel Tub is more durable, quieter and stays cleaner than conventional ones. It transmits less noise and can handle much higher temperature sterilizing washes. It also won’t become discolored over time and prevents the build-up of bad odors.

Shows the inside of the Stainless Steel Tub.

Always really clean

Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Make sure your appliance always looks brilliantly clean. A special Fingerprint Resistant Finish prevents surfaces from becoming covered in unsightly fingerprints and other marks and smudges. And they can be easily wiped away if any do appear. So your home will stay looking flawlessly beautiful.

Shows how the surface of the dishwasher stays free of fingerprints and smudges compared to a normal dishwasher.

Intuitively monitor

Wide LED Display

Enjoy a simpler and more intuitive way to clean dishes with a large and wide LED display that is easy to read. You can quickly check the status, settings, remaining time and cycle progress at a glance, even from a distance. So you can effortlessly monitor and control the washing performance.

A close-up of the large and wide LED Display, which lets you quickly check settings, the remaining time and cycle progress.

Saves more energy, cleans just as well

High Energy Efficiency – equivalent to A+++*

Use less energy but clean dirty dishes effectively with a high level of energy efficiency, equivalent to an A+++ rating*. It is proven to consume less power without impacting its washing performance or functionality. So you don’t have to worry about wasting energy or how clean your dishes are.

Shows the dishwasher with a high energy efficiency rating of A+++.

* Based on the previous European energy efficiency rating system.

Adjusts for fewer dishes

Half Load

Got just a few dishes to clean? Press the ‘half load’ button to use just the lower or upper basket and save energy.

Adjusts for fewer dishes

Detects leaks instantly

Leakage Sensor

Immediately stops the cycle, drains the water and shows an error message if any leakage is detected.

Detects leaks instantly

Less noise. Less disturbance at home.

Less Noise (44dB)

Avoid creating a disturbance in your home. Its insulation technology is designed to create much less noise. A Stainless Steel Tub absorbs a lot of sound and vibration when it’s working. So it has the lowest noise level in its class, just 44 decibels, which is quieter than a normal conversation.

Less noise. Less disturbance at home.

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