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Sony MHC-V13 Portable Party Speaker – Black

Original price was: ₹23,990.00.Current price is: ₹19,990.00.

  • Feel the beat at Long distance with Jet Bass Booster
  • Enjoy an authentic nightclub or festival atmosphere with speaker light
  • Karaoke & Guitar Input to unlease your inner POP Star
  • Wireless Listening with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Music center app compatibility
Sony MHC-V13 Portable Party Speaker - Black 23,990.00 Original price was: ₹23,990.00.19,990.00Current price is: ₹19,990.00.

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Sony MHC-V13 Portable Party Speaker – Black
23,990.00 Original price was: ₹23,990.00.19,990.00Current price is: ₹19,990.00.
Fun features
Fun features
Make parties better than ever before

Feel the beat of your favourite tracks even from long distances, with this powerful one-box system, or dance along with a Speaker Light
that pulses to the music from the MHC-V13, all while operating playback through your smartphone.

Fill your venue with sound

Take parties to the next level and turn birthdays, special occasions and spur-of-the-moment gatherings into a festival experience.
With High-efficiency Tweeters and long-distance bass sound delivered by the JET BASS BOOSTER, your partygoers will enjoy powerful
music all around the venue.

Spread great sound all over the party

The compact MHC-V13 packs an impressive sound. Two High-efficiency Tweeters and the JET BASS BOOSTER spread sound around the party, meaning your music reaches wider and higher from the front of the unit, so all your guests can enjoy rich, clear sound.

Two High-efficiency Tweeters fill your venue with sound

The two upward-facing High-efficiency Tweeters that use horn tweeters built on top of the front of the unit expand the soundstage and increase the sound pressure level upwards, so your music travels further, wider and that little bit higher to reach every corner of the venue.

Feel the beat at long distances with JET BASS BOOSTER

A tapered bass reflex duct structure concentrates the airflow of the bass sound, so you can hear it clearly and feel it physically, wherever you are in the crowd and over long distances.

Build energy with speaker lighting

The Speaker Light sends out waves of multicoloured illumination, so you can enjoy an authentic nightclub or outdoor festival atmosphere.

Unleash your inner pop star

Sing along to your favourite tunes. A microphone input makes the MHC-V13 the perfect companion for karaoke parties. You can also connect a guitar to the microphone input and use the system as a guitar amplifier. Enjoy three modes: Clean for a clear sound, Overdrive for a distorted guitar sound, and Bass for your bass guitar.

Put the party in your hands with Fiestable

Entertaining, intuitive and easy to use, the Fiestable app is a fun feature that hands you over complete control of the MHC-V13. To use the Fiestable app, you’ll need to download the Sony | Music Center app first. Then, take control of the music, lighting and more, all by simply tapping your phone or using your voice.

Let your friends create the party playlist via Fiestable

Everyone can add their favourite tunes to your playlist with the Fiestable app. Let your guests add music stored in their smartphones over your Wi-Fi® network, so your party never needs to stop.

Find your singing superstar with Karaoke Ranking via Fiestable

Compete to find the king or queen of karaoke at your party with Karaoke Ranking. And if anyone ranks in the Top 10, they can record their name and song title in
the leader board.

Be the Party King

Share your party status on social media with just one click from the Fiestable app. Then, turn up the music and climb the party people ranks to become the certified Party King.

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